World Ocean Day - Discovery Place 2014

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Sat, 06/07/2014
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Ruffin Tucker
World Ocean Day - Discovery Place 2014
World Ocean Day - Discovery Place 2014
Bob Harrington
 Joy Harrington
Bob and Joy Harrington
Dr. Campbell, Gardner Webb University
 Live Nautilus, Discovey Place Aquarium

Discovery Place in Charlotte celebrated World Ocean Day Saturday, June 7, 2014. The North Carolina Fossil Club was invited and were prominently mentioned as part of the day's program. Dr. Alton Dooley, Virginia State Museum, gave a talk about a whale collected in Maryland. Dr. Dooley is the paleontologist who is studying the fossilized whale found during a drought at Lake Waccamaw State Park, NC. Dr. David Campbell, a reviewer Fossil: Mollusks, Volume II now being prepared for release through the CDROM Project, was there to show Mollusks. Ruffin Tucker and Joy Herrington set up displays. Ruffin was a hit with marine fossils from Aurora, Edisto Breach, SC and nearby Stanly County where he collected Ediacaran fossils, the oldest fossils found in North Carolina. Joy, assisted by husband Bob, had a display of NC fossils which included a free fossil jar of sharks teeth donated by Ken Young. The donated teeth were a huge hit and a group of girls in pink in celebration of receiving the teeth posed for a group photogaph. In another photograph you will see a Mom listening to whale songs while Dr. Bob claimed the attention of the child - once a Pediatrician - always... A speaker from the Blue Whale Conservancy spoke to this gathering and arranged delivery of a blow-up Blue Whale to be displayed at the street festival which was going on outside. This was a big day in Charlotte. Speaking as a displayer who had little time to see the sights, carts met us at the door to unload, parking was free and convenient, lunch was provided, and volunteers came to relieve or assist. We were well taken care of. Juliann Chavez made sure we were.  According to Julian, who is in charge of the event,  we had 1200 visitors. 

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